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domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Revell's Polaris Nuclear Submarine Abraham Lincoln

Vin Williams de Londres nos envía las fotos de su maqueta del submarino nuclear norteamericano Abraham Lincoln. La maqueta es de la marca Revell y está a escala 1:253 .

A classic kit from revell.

revell abraham lincoln submarine

The gyrodeck:

submarine gyrodeck

The periscope room:

periscope of submarine model

Two polaris nuclear missiles on launching:

maqueta de submarino nuclear

The missile room:

silos de misiles en submarino

The navigation room and crew quarters:

maqueta de submarino con interior

The submarine instrument room:

submarino a escala

The Abraham Lincoln type propeler.

hélice de maqueta a escala

The reactor:

reactor de maqueta de submarino
The torpedoes room

maquetismo de submarinos

The turbine room:

maqueta submarino polaris

The SSBN 599 Patrick Henry decal:

peana de maqueta revell

 The SSBN 602 Abraham Lincoln decal:

soporte de maqueta revell

The development of the Polaris generation of submarines is generally regarded as having had a strong influence on the balance of power between East and West in the 1960's. The US Navy concentrated its production orders on this type, which at that time was the main constituent of the American submarine fleet. The Polaris Class consists of nuclear powered submarines armed with ballistic missiles. Thanks to the nuclear power it is capable of a speed of over 35 knots on the surface and 20 knots sumerged and can stay underwater for hundred of hours. This submarine is equipped with 16 Polaris medium-range guidded missiles that can be fired from under water. These missiles are equipped with nuclear warheads and are suitable for surprise attacks. They have a range of over 2,000 km. The gigantic magazine for the 16 Polaris missiles is known facetiously by the crews at “Sherwood Forest”. The polaris missiles are lunched underwater by compressed air. The US Navy has in total over 50 submarines of this type in service. Standard displacement: 5,600 tones (submerged 6,700 tonnes); length: 115.80 m.
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